Listen to a Review

Back in 2010, I requested Joe Augustin to give an honest review on our cakes. Listen to it here, a podcast he recorded with Shareen Wong.

Midnight Satisfaction

Craving for a devil chocolate cake like I was recently? How about a delectable 4″ cake to split between you and your loved ones?

Let us know in the comments if this may be a size you are keen in. Or any other size for that matter.

To enjoy, take it out from the fridge, warm it up in the microwave for 30s to 45s, serve with a big glass of cold milk.


Improved for the chocolate fans

Hello chocolate fans! This website has just been upgraded. It still looks the same, but we have moved to a server nearer to home. This should give a faster browsing experience. Please let us know if you encounter any slowness.

What?? Another Birthday cake??

We didn’t really plan for a birthday dinner for our son, but on the day itself, we decided to ask him where he wanted to go. Surprisingly, he chose Grand Shanghai.. ‘cos he really enjoys the live music! And if you’ve been there, you know that, the kind of music they are playing is totally not a 4 year old would listen to…. Its Theresa Teng’s kind of music!!

I was not prepared for a second cake, so I had to whip out another cake with decoration in 2 hours.. I was in sprint mode.. weighing, mixing and oven were done in less than 25 minutes. While the cake was in the oven, I made the cake toppers from fondant. Guess what??!!  A Kapibara family… I made a mama, papa and baby Kapibara as toppers..

they turned out really cute!!..

J’s 4th Birthday with Kapibara-san Cake

It was our son’s 4th birthday last week and months before, he had asked for a 3D Kapibara cake. So, who is Kapibara? It’s one of our son’s favorite stuffed toys.

The cake was made with 1.5 x 8 inch carved Devil Chocolate cake, iced with vanilla butter cream. I also baked several cupcakes made from DCC batter, filled with dark chocolate ganache and topped with butter cream (yummm…).

Our son was totally thrilled with his birthday cake and his classmates t00! Some even asked for second helping .. that includes the teachers!!

new butterflies decoration

we recently had an order for a birthday cake, we had no idea who it’s really for until we delivered. It was such an awesome experience, just a little shame the birthday girl wasn’t home when we delivered. Hope she enjoyed the cake :)


cakes as gifts

interestingly, we are starting to see some orders come in where people order cakes as gifts to others. It’s a great idea which I thought I’ll share. Since we do delivery of the cakes, it’s easy for you to just fill up the form, make the payment and we’ll do the rest.

The most interesting one we just had was an anonymous order. The person placed an order at the website, didn’t leave any name or contact information, except a delivery address, and made payment. Though it’s a great way to keep anonymous, and maybe surprise someone with a great gift, I would encourage everyone to leave their contacts. If the delivery needs to be kept anonymous, we can help to keep it that way.

The most important thing is that there are times when we are not able to fulfill the orders and need to make alternative arrangements. Without a contact information, it just becomes impossible, and we would not like to miss a delivery.

So, if there’s that special occasion coming up, or just that special someone you want to surprise, do consider our services. We would do our very best to accommodate as much as possible. Regrettably, as we have our day jobs, it will be very difficult to do any deliveries outside the usual delivery time window.

how to decide how much alcohol you want?

We’ve received feedback that the Devil Chocolate Cake without alcohol is too bitter. As such, I thought it may be good that I share the feedback with everyone.

For this person, the first sample he had was actually a double Rum Devil Chocolate Cake (DCC). Then he decided to order one without any alcohol. He found the latter to be more bitter.

The fact is that the DCC is made with dark chocolate, with high cocoa content. So, you should like bitter chocolate to be happy with the no alcohol version. One of our regulars tells us that having the alcohol in the cake helps to make it appear less bitter.

So, the summary is this….

  1. if you need the cake to have no alcohol, you’ve got to love chocolates, dark chocolates
  2. if you’d like some alcohol, double Rum is the hot favorite
  3. if you are a Baileys person, that’s a good option too

special chocolate cake for our son’s 3rd birthday

Decorated - Devil Chocolate Cake

One of our special work last year was for our son’s 3rd birthday. Winny made this special Lightning McQueen lookalike decoration for Jovan’s birthday party in school.

The cake from another angle

All the decorations were made out of fondant, which is edible, albeit sweet.

Check out the layer of “grass”, flowers and pine tree accessories.

Did you also notice the 2 road cones in front of the car?

And yes, the words are all made of fondant too.

The boys loved the car, and the girls loved the chocolate. The birthday boy enjoyed his car and the chocolate cake.

fancy some cupcakes?

the very first appearance of Hunny Bunch n Co. was at one of our friends’. We received a request of making some cupcakes for wedding favors. We took the challenge and delivered 150 cupcakes in vanilla, chocolate and cream cheese flavors. They were very well received.

Now and then we hear some talk about cupcakes, and so I thought to put it up here. It’s not our main stream product, but if you’re interested to have your very own Hunny Bunch n Co. cupcakes for your party, do contact us.

What’s in the picture on the left is a cream cheese cupcake with butter cream on top. The Tiffany blue color theme was requested for, and the 2 hearts on top are made of fondant.

simple decorations for the Devil Chocolate Cake – 11 Apr 2010

we had some requests recently to put some decorations on the Devil Chocolate Cake. Here are 2 we’ve done, which we classify as simple decoration.

Theme : Bee

Theme : Flowers