Listen to a Review

Back in 2010, I requested Joe Augustin to give an honest review on our cakes. Listen to it here, a podcast he recorded with Shareen Wong.

how to decide how much alcohol you want?

We’ve received feedback that the Devil Chocolate Cake without alcohol is too bitter. As such, I thought it may be good that I share the feedback with everyone.

For this person, the first sample he had was actually a double Rum Devil Chocolate Cake (DCC). Then he decided to order one without any alcohol. He found the latter to be more bitter.

The fact is that the DCC is made with dark chocolate, with high cocoa content. So, you should like bitter chocolate to be happy with the no alcohol version. One of our regulars tells us that having the alcohol in the cake helps to make it appear less bitter.

So, the summary is this….

  1. if you need the cake to have no alcohol, you’ve got to love chocolates, dark chocolates
  2. if you’d like some alcohol, double Rum is the hot favorite
  3. if you are a Baileys person, that’s a good option too

special chocolate cake for our son’s 3rd birthday

Decorated - Devil Chocolate Cake

One of our special work last year was for our son’s 3rd birthday. Winny made this special Lightning McQueen lookalike decoration for Jovan’s birthday party in school.

The cake from another angle

All the decorations were made out of fondant, which is edible, albeit sweet.

Check out the layer of “grass”, flowers and pine tree accessories.

Did you also notice the 2 road cones in front of the car?

And yes, the words are all made of fondant too.

The boys loved the car, and the girls loved the chocolate. The birthday boy enjoyed his car and the chocolate cake.

simple decorations for the Devil Chocolate Cake – 11 Apr 2010

we had some requests recently to put some decorations on the Devil Chocolate Cake. Here are 2 we’ve done, which we classify as simple decoration.

Theme : Bee

Theme : Flowers

The Shareen & Joe Show Promo!!

thanks to Joe and Shareen in helping us with the promotion in THE podcast!! We are extending this promo by offering a special price to all podcast listeners. Orders must be placed before 31st March 2010, delivery of the cake can be any day up to 30th June 2010.

During this promo, the price for the Devil Chocolate Cake will be as follows

6″ round @ $29
8″ any shape @ $43

To keep up with news from us, please be our fans on facebook.

As always, we are constantly looking out to improve what we do. We encourage you to leave us comments and feedback!!

more photos of the Devil Chocolate Cake Jan 2010

more shots of the Devil Chocolate Cake, all thanks to my brother-in-law the  photography genius.

the strawberries are just for the photo shoot, and are usually not included with the cake (it’s hard to constantly find good strawberries to complement the cake)

thank you for a good Jan 2010 – the promotion is closed

the Jan 2010 promotion to mark the start of our new venture in the new year has come to a close.

Starting February 2010, all prices are adjusted back to the normal selling price

  • Devil Chocolate Cake 6″ – S$32
  • Devil Chocolate Cake 8″ – S$48

All cakes will be delivered free of charge.

We thank everyone who supported us in Jan 2010, and we look forward to provide the best Devil Chocolate Cake =)

To those who took time to leave us comments, thank you very much and we will take all input seriously to make sure you get the best possible experience in having a chocolate cake.

hurry!! few more slots available for Jan 2010 promotion!!

As we are down to the last few days for Jan 2010, we will be closing our promotional offer of $25 for the 6″ and $35 for the 8″ Devil Chocolate Cake.

We still have slots left for the Jan 2010 order, so seize this opportunity before prices goes up to $32 for the 6″ and $48 for the 8″.

Coming up, we are planning a special appearance for the Chinese New Year!! Stay tuned for the announcement if we make it.

Devil Chocolate Cake on the runway

We’ve baked another round of the Devil Chocolate Cake, and picked one out for a photoshoot.

Here’s the few best shots of the night. Please note that strawberries are just for show and not included in orders.

how to enjoy the Devil Chocolate Cake – warm!!

One of my favorite ways of eating the Devil Chocolake Cake is to warm it up just before consumption.

Here’s one of the few good reasons to own a microwave. I take the cake out from the fridge, cut a slice, and place the slice into the microwave oven.

I like mine warmer than average and will leave it in the microwave for 20s on high power. For most people, maybe 15s on high will be good. Do test it out and find out the settings that works best to your liking.

Coming out from the microwave, the scent of the chocolate fills the room. The cake is moist, warm and the chocolate fudge is almost molten. The experience is simply out of this world.

Pairing it with a nice cold glass of Meiji fresh milk completes the indulgence. mmmmmm…..

the best Devil Chocolate Cake – it’s devilish good!

I’m talking about the Devil Chocolate Cake!

It’s prepared and baked by chocolate lovers, just for chocolate lovers.

The ingredients used are of superior quality to give you the completely satisfying experience of eating chocolate cakes.

The cake itself is heavy, and it’s not for the faint hearted. Each bite will fill you with all the bitter-sweet chocolaty goodness you can’t resist.

With a little touch of rum, the Devil Chocolate Cake becomes an even richer with flavors that complements each other so well. Just a whiff of the cake will be enough to mesmerize you, taking a bite with the generous fudge on top will leave you longing for more.

From a chocolate cake fan to another; “It’s tough to get any better than this!!”

To order, please visit the order form found here.

The Devil Chocolate Cake currently comes in 2 sizes, a 6″ and 8″. The 6″ weighs about 900 grams while the 8″ weighs about 1.4KG. We have 3 shapes for you to choose from round, square or heart. As for serving size, it all depends on how generous you are :), as guidelines, the 6″ serves 8 people and 8″ serves 12 – 15 people. If you prefer to have it without alcohol, you may indicate so in the order form.

To ensure freshness, we currently only bake on demand and will only produce limited quantities a day. On weekdays, delivery starts from 7pm to 10pm, and on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays, delivery is from 10am to 5pm.