Listen to a Review

Back in 2010, I requested Joe Augustin to give an honest review on our cakes. Listen to it here, a podcast he recorded with Shareen Wong.

the Mandarin Marble Cake – with a twist

The Mandarin Marble Cake first made it’s debut in the Shareen and Joe Show, and it is now available for ordering. This is a perfect cake for those afternoon tea time, or any sort of a simple gathering you are having with family and friends.

The cake is simple, but kept elegant with the superior ingredients we use. To describe it, it looks a little like a marble cake, but when you eat it, it tastes familiar like the Indonesian Kueh Lapis. This cake is actually made from our secret Indonesian family recipe, loved by family and friends.

There’s no icing, cream or fudge on the cake, and we’ve kept it simple and true to the taste of richness. For it’s simplicity, we do not recommend it as the primary cake in grand occasions, such as birthdays.

the new Mandarin Marble Cake

we’ve got a new cake lined up and it will be available this month, March 2010. The actual availability will be released later.

This cake is actually our family secret recipe from Indonesia. The closest way to describe it is that it tastes like Kueh Lapis but looks a little like a marble cake.

Watch out for the pricing details to come soon.

As usual, we’ll bake on demand to ensure freshness in the cakes we deliver.