Listen to a Review

Back in 2010, I requested Joe Augustin to give an honest review on our cakes. Listen to it here, a podcast he recorded with Shareen Wong.

fancy some cupcakes?

the very first appearance of Hunny Bunch n Co. was at one of our friends’. We received a request of making some cupcakes for wedding favors. We took the challenge and delivered 150 cupcakes in vanilla, chocolate and cream cheese flavors. They were very well received.

Now and then we hear some talk about cupcakes, and so I thought to put it up here. It’s not our main stream product, but if you’re interested to have your very own Hunny Bunch n Co. cupcakes for your party, do contact us.

What’s in the picture on the left is a cream cheese cupcake with butter cream on top. The Tiffany blue color theme was requested for, and the 2 hearts on top are made of fondant.