Listen to a Review

Back in 2010, I requested Joe Augustin to give an honest review on our cakes. Listen to it here, a podcast he recorded with Shareen Wong.

new cake and some changes for April 2010

We are happy to announce that the Mandarin Marble Cake is now available for order. The price list has been updated and the order form put up for the MMC. As usual, we’ll bake the MMC on demand to ensure freshness and it’s priced at S$32 and includes free delivery.

At the same time, we are making a few changes and extending the lead time to order cakes

  1. the 8″ square for the Devil Chocolate Cake has been taken out, the 6″ round, 8″ round and 8″ heart remains
  2. we are keeping the 8″ square only for the Mandarin Marble Cake
  3. to keep up with demand and to avoid any disappointment, we’d like to request all orders to be placed at least 2 days (48hrs) in advance. This helps us in the planning. Nevertheless, we’ll try our very best to slot in requests less than 48hrs.

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Thanks to all of your support out there =)

the best Devil Chocolate Cake – it’s devilish good!

I’m talking about the Devil Chocolate Cake!

It’s prepared and baked by chocolate lovers, just for chocolate lovers.

The ingredients used are of superior quality to give you the completely satisfying experience of eating chocolate cakes.

The cake itself is heavy, and it’s not for the faint hearted. Each bite will fill you with all the bitter-sweet chocolaty goodness you can’t resist.

With a little touch of rum, the Devil Chocolate Cake becomes an even richer with flavors that complements each other so well. Just a whiff of the cake will be enough to mesmerize you, taking a bite with the generous fudge on top will leave you longing for more.

From a chocolate cake fan to another; “It’s tough to get any better than this!!”

To order, please visit the order form found here.

The Devil Chocolate Cake currently comes in 2 sizes, a 6″ and 8″. The 6″ weighs about 900 grams while the 8″ weighs about 1.4KG. We have 3 shapes for you to choose from round, square or heart. As for serving size, it all depends on how generous you are :), as guidelines, the 6″ serves 8 people and 8″ serves 12 – 15 people. If you prefer to have it without alcohol, you may indicate so in the order form.

To ensure freshness, we currently only bake on demand and will only produce limited quantities a day. On weekdays, delivery starts from 7pm to 10pm, and on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays, delivery is from 10am to 5pm.